Star Wars C-Evo mod
By Matej Zabsky and Ondrej Suchomel

SW C-EVO mod is the first total conversion of C-Evo. Naturally, it converts C-Evo into the Star Wars universe.

Change the saga! Galactic Empire can smash Rebel Alliance, Republic can make the tide, Trade Federation don't have to be defeated. Under your guideance, everyone can do everything!


Website corrected (2.4.2005)
I've made several corrections in website code, for example, it's now displayable in Mozilla and Firefox

SW mod placed second in Gamestar Great Mod Contest! (31.1.2005)
SW C-EVo mod is with Survive in Catacombs 2 the best czech mod for year 2004!

"SW mod was the biggest surprise of the contest's third round"

The version 1.0 changes everything - system graphics, tribes, adds new maps...

Download it from DOWNLOADS section

SW mod on Gamestar CD/DVD (25.1.2005)
The mod will appear on the next Gamestar's CD/DVD( issue 2/05)

Main menu screenshot (13.12.2004)
In Screenshots section appeared new screenshot showing major changes on this screen

New version will be released in January/05 (13.12.2004)
It will be first non-beta version should be veery good - the nineth bonus fraction, customized unit feature icons...


Galactic Empire - 29 unique units - by MZ
Trade Federation - 43 unique units - by OS
Republic - 38 unique units - by OS
Rebel Alliance - 33 unique units - by MZ
Royal Naboo - 37 unique units - by MZ
Confederacy - 37 unique units - by OS
Gungans - 37 unique units - by MZ
Wookies - 37 unique units - by OS
Heroes - 38 unique units - by OS

Star Wars C-Evo mod 1.0 Final(3,4 megs setup, installed 11MB) (31.1.2005)
Award-winning... final version of the mod.

Please use download manager(GetRight tested and reccomended). There are problems reported with servers. With classic explorer download app you might be kicked.

Star Wars C-Evo mod Alpha(2,3 megs) (1.7.2004)
The version with the sixth fraction, gungans, brings more than only new race. Four fractions has now new textures, new scenario is waiting oly for you, three absolutely new maps...

Star Wars C-Evo mod Alpha(update from - 39 kB) (1.7.2004)
The Mod has now six fractions! Yellow+Silver=Royal Naboo

Star Wars C-Evo mod Alpha(update from - 40 kB) (29.6.2004)
Adds Confederacy fraction into the game and fixes early ship bug in Republic. Enjoy battle of Geonosis in combo with CharlesNadolski's mars terrain!

Star Wars C-Evo mod Alpha(2,5 MB) (22.6.2004)
Actual complete version of game. It contains three maps( Hoth, Dagobah, testzone),one scenario( battle of Echo base), four fractions( Galactic Empire, Trade Federation, republic, Rebel Alliance), CEvoSel.exe, lpng.dll, changed terrains, system graphics and the whole game with other essentials.
sw_mainscreen_pre (1K)
Main screen( version

shot6_pre (3K)
Testzone( version

shot5_pre (3K)
Pieces of cake( version

shot4_pre (3K)
Tranquil Dagobah( version

shot3_pre (3K)
Wonders help( version

shot2_pre (3K)
AI tournament( version

shot1_pre (3K)
Demonstration of Imperial power( version


I'm sorry, but it is an external service and it has command buttons in czech language. Press "Psát Zprávu" to display the input bar, then write your name into "jméno" window and message into "zpráva" window and then press "vložit" to send it.

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